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At Aspire Plastic Surgery , it is our aim to ensure that every patient feels confident and beautiful, not just physically but also mentally. We strive to offer you something different, whether you are looking for daily skin care or a complete rejuvenation. Dr. Brian Lee is famous since he understands how it is not easy for patients in New Haven to simply undergo a surgical procedure; they usually think for years about a procedure and the anxiety builds up. Dr. Lee ensures that his patients are put at ease and helps them focus on the results instead. He has years of experience and patient commitment.

For Dr. Lee and his team, you are not just a patient, but a partner to work with in your best interests. Dr. Lee is also an artist and a medical missionary who views his practice in a different light. It is his aim that every patient realizes their full potential and every procedure is personalized to suit your specific goals.

Facial Procedures

Your face is the first thing anybody notices about you, so any undesirable changes not only affect your appearance but also your self-confidence. We help you achieve the results you desire so that it restores your self-image. Our surgical procedures are designed in a way that we can offer you personalized results, whether you wish to uplift sagging eyelids or eyebrows. We bring to our patients the latest in laser treatments that remove the top-most layer of dead skin and also offer you natural skin tightening. If you wish for rejuvenation without surgical intervention, we offer effective injectables like Botox and dermal fillers that give you stunning results; these are also a great alternative for those who only require a small correction. Here are the facial procedures you can choose from in New Haven:

Breast Procedures

There are many changes women see in their bodies with age and due to genetics, especially in the breasts. These also come about after pregnancy, breast feeding, and massive weight loss. Unfortunately, when these changes are too prominent, not only do they affect your appearance but also self-image and self-confidence. You may consider getting a breast procedure when you are struggling with very large breasts, sagging and droopy breasts, or deflated breasts that have lost volume. Dr. Lee partners with his patients in New Haven to help them achieve the perky breasts of their youth, restoring their self-confidence. You can get reduction for large breasts, contouring for droopy breasts, and augmentation for deflated breasts. Once he has evaluated your breasts and understood your cosmetic goals, he will combine one or more procedures to offer you customized results. Women in New Haven can get stunning results with these breast procedures:

Body Procedures

You are not alone in your struggle with stubborn fatty deposits that refuse to go, even with a strict diet and exercise regimen. Thousands are opting for body contouring procedures to slim down certain areas on their body that do not budge despite being fit like the love handles, fatty thighs, back fat, or under chin fat. These can affect your self-confidence when clothes do not fit well and some patients even begin to avoid social interactions altogether due to these unsightly bulges. Dr. Lee will help you achieve a slimmer and toned appearance so that you are once again happy and confident with your body contours. You can also choose to get rid of the excessive skin after massive weight loss, get a solution for excessive sweating, and rejuvenate the vagina when the muscles have become lax. Patients in New Haven can choose from the following procedures:

Hair Procedures

Premature hair loss is an embarrassing situation that can make you look older than you really are; but you do not have to live with it anymore. Hair loss is not permanent and there are many options available for hair restoration at Aspire Plastic Surgery. If you have enough healthy hair in another area like the back of your head, donor hair can be utilized to cover the area that is balding, giving you a natural fullness. Dr. Lee understands your hair loss concerns before conducting a few tests, and the best treatment is recommended. Patients in New Haven can benefit from natural hair transplant with this procedure:

About New Haven, IN

New Haven is a city in Adams, Jefferson, and St. Joseph townships in Allen County Indiana. It is the only suburb of the city of Fort Wayne, which is the largest city in Indiana and located mostly along the southern banks of the Maumee River. New Haven was platted by Henry Burgess in 1839 and the Burgess home on Summit Street is the oldest brick structure in Jefferson Township. The history of the city has been largely shaped by transportation. New Haven is surrounded by an abundance of fertile soil, making agriculture the largest visible economic asset of the city.

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