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Our Philosophy

Damage inflicted on your skin can be corrected.

The sun, time and the environment often make an appearance on your skin in the form of uneven pigmentation, age spots, broken capillaries and rosacea, leaving your skin looking less than radiant. These blemishes can be distracting and embarrassing.

If you want to treat age spots, spider veins, rosacea, and other skin conditions, you’ll first meet with Dr. Lee or one of our trained Skin Care Specialists. We will examine the area to be treated and talk about your goals for the procedure, as well as lay out a treatment plan. We have provided skin care for patients in the Angola, Warsaw, and Huntington areas. You can be assured your needs will be addressed.

Be prepared to share your medical history, including previous surgeries, medical conditions, drug allergies, and current medications. At our Fort Wayne office, we will go through your records and help you determine what treatment is most effective for you.

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Before Your Procedure

Patients should stop using retinols and exfoliants one week prior to treatment. We do require a consultation prior to your treatment. During your consultation you will meet with one of our Licensed Aestheticians who will create a customized treatment plan to help you get your desired results!

Dr. Brian Lee 


Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brian Lee has been in practice for over 2 decades, serving the Fort Wayne community for all their aesthetic and cosmetic needs. He is proud to work alongside his talented team and looks forward to seeing new and returning patients in his office.

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Your Procedure

BBL Photofacials, also known as photo rejuvenation, use intense pulsed light to heat and destroy just the areas of discoloration, allowing your skin to build a fresh, smooth layer in its place. The light stimulates your tissue to produce collagen, the protein that forms the connective tissue of your skin. This minimally invasive procedure requires little downtime and has few side effects. Photo rejuvenation often works incrementally to erase skin damage, primarily on the hands, neck, and chest. Multiple treatments (usually six) are often necessary to achieve the best results. But you can look forward to a noticeable improvement with just one treatment. You may experience some short-term redness after a BBL photofacial and even some mild bruising. You will need to avoid harsh cleaners after your procedure. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun after the treatment. Consistent use of sunscreen is strongly advised.

Understanding the Risks

Before scheduling an appointment for BBL Photofacials, please tell us if you:

  • Have experienced skin color changes, scarring or thickened tissue with previous treatments, or have a history of keloid scars.
  • Have any skin disorders or immune diseases that could impair healing.
  • Are using isotretinoin or Accutane or if you have used either within the last 6 to 12 months.
  • Have a bacterial or viral infection of the skin or a history of cold sores.
  • Use Botox, Dysport or facial fillers.

Side effects and risks of BBL photofacial treatments include:

  • Swelling, itching, crusting, and tenderness as the treated area heals
  • Skin irritation, including acne flare-ups
  • Bacterial, viral, or fungal infection of the skin
  • Rare scarring

Our Skin Care Specialists will address these risks during your consultation. Please let us know if you have specific questions or concerns.

Many spas and other facilities are now offering photo rejuvenation and laser treatments without any oversight. But Dr. Lee is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and he has carefully trained his staff to deliver the same thorough, careful approach. You can trust the Aspire specialists to provide a safe procedure and the best outcome possible.

I have worked with docs all over the Midwest and would have to say that Dr. Lee is one of the most professional, caring and artistic I have ever seen. He helped me after I had lost over 100 pounds and had a huge amount of excess fat hanging on me. It is now gone, and he is still following up with me to make sure all is well. His staff (Candy, Jen and Shauna) need to be thanked as well. You all complement Dr. Lee.

- Written by Larry

I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation with Dr. Lee and I am grateful to him and his staff for everything they did for me. Dr. Lee answered all my questions thoroughly, and was extremely patient and helpful on the day of surgery. Dr. Lee is amazing, and I’m happy with my results and would recommend Aspire Plastic Surgery to anyone.

- Written By Verified Patient

Dr. Lee is the best doctor I have ever encountered. He cares and explains everything thoroughly, and he especially takes the time to talk and listen to his patients. He is an outstanding doctor! He does a great job at what he does!

- Written by Roxanne

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Results of Your Procedure

Look forward to debuting better-looking skin! By avoiding cigarette smoke and sun exposure and eating a skin-friendly diet, your results will be long-lasting. Maintenance treatments can help you avoid the continued effects of aging and exposure. Aspire offers a line of remarkable products from SkinMedica that can help you maintain the results of your photo rejuvenation or laser treatment.

Enjoy a fresh-faced, more youthful appearance with a smooth, even complexion. Photo rejuvenation with the BBL Photofacial can erase problems with pigmentation, broken capillaries, and rosacea and restore your best skin.

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