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Our Philosophy

Our patients are the focus of our practice at Aspire, so your satisfaction is our greatest honor, and we are humbled by your comments. Dr. Lee’s motivation for changing external appearances is to change internal confidence and self-esteem. Your comments validate this effort to help others find the happiness they so deserve. Thank you for entrusting your health and well-being to Dr. Lee and the Aspire team. That is a compliment that we never take lightly!

“Dr. Lee is an absolute artist. Not only does he assure you through the process, he is very detail-oriented. If I can offer any advice to future patients of Dr. Lee, TRUST HIM! He had some ideas of his own, and I sort of let him take the reins, and boy, am I happy I did! WONDERFUL work! I feel perfect! Thoughtful, thorough, insightful, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, caring and experienced. I could go on for paragraphs. Who goes into surgery at ease, and comes out a bit swollen and somewhat swelled…YET SMILING and HAPPY? Dr. Lee’s patients. He even personally called that evening to check in. Absolutely hands down the best doctor I have ever had the experience of encountering—and I did my fair share of research!”

—Sarah B.F.

“Where do I begin with Dr. Lee? For starters, he saved my life! After a horrific car accident, he basically skin-grafted my arm, which saved my arm. When I caught a life-threatening infection in my leg, he did major tissue surgery on my leg, and did amazing liposuction and scar revision surgery on my injured leg. I can only speak from experience—Dr. Lee is truly a remarkable doctor and person. He cares about everyone’s story and will give you the best advice for your plastic surgery adventure!”

—Erin B.

“I absolutely love Dr. Lee. I started going to him about nine years ago. He has totally changed my life. After having children my body turned into a body I didn’t recognize or want. I had been really unhappy with my body for about 10 years when I first went to him. He spoke honestly with me about expected results and made me feel safe in his hands for surgery. There were no hidden surprises during recovery, and I was extremely happy with the results. I have since returned to him many times for other areas I seek improvement on, and I am pleased each and every time. I have recommended him to many friends and coworkers who are considering having anything done. Working for a local hospital, I can honesty tell you—his reputation far exceeds any in his field. A consultation is all it takes and you’ll know he’s the doctor you’ve been looking for!”

—Denise S.

“I can speak about someone whom I was in a romantic relationship with who went to see Dr. Lee for a consultation and then to have two fairly significant procedures done. From the very first meeting, all the way through her recovery from both procedures, Dr. Lee and his staff were nothing but the best they could be. I was just amazed how upbeat and positive Dr. Lee and his staff made her feel every step of the way. Dr. Lee is not just a gifted, board-certified plastic surgeon with 22 years of experience who has an amazing staff of caring people. He CHANGES PEOPLE’S LIVES!! He is gifted, he is talented, he is polite, friendly, articulate and, most of all, humble. He does not brag or boast or have an ego. He has a gift and love for what he does, and it shows in how he does it with every single patient every single day. The Fort Wayne medical community is blessed and fortunate to have Dr. Lee as one of its members, and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our community.”

—John R.

“I have had nothing but GREAT results after getting laser treatments done.”

—Abby W.

“Dr. Lee is the most amazing doctor I have ever met. He has an awesome bedside manner, professionalism and a caring personality. He really knows what he is doing. The one thing I wanted most when I went to see him for a breast augmentation was to be proportionate. This is exactly what he gave me! The trust you feel when you first meet him and his caring attitude after the surgery is one of a kind. I had some nerve endings that were causing me pain, and he answered my call without any hesitation and said call for absolutely anything. I would recommend him to anyone!”


“I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Lee. He is so professional, kind and talented. I have sent at least five people to him for procedures. I think this speaks for itself! I also had a tummy tuck in 2008 and am thrilled with the results of that as well. If I have any more procedures done, it will be with Dr. Lee.”

—J. Chambers

“Dr. Lee is the best doctor I have ever encountered. He cares and explains everything thoroughly, and he especially takes the time to talk and listen to his patients. He is an outstanding doctor! He does a great job at what he does!”


I love the service I receive every time I go into the Aspire office! They are currently working with me on some of my personal skin goals. We are excited to see the transformation! Thanks for everything your office does for me!


“I couldn’t be happier with the results of my tummy tuck. Every morning when I look in the mirror, I send up a thank you to Dr. Lee for the awesome job he did on me. My scar is minimal due to the SkinMedica products he gave to me after my six-week checkup. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone, especially with Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee is the most amazing doctor, and I wouldn’t have any other plastic surgeon do any future work on me. He has a wonderful bedside manner and always made me feel comfortable no matter the situation. I consider him a genius in his field, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!!”


“You have an outstanding staff. Jill, Shauna and Julie are simply the best. I enjoy seeing them as much as I do my treatments. You are so lucky to have them.”


“I want to thank Dr. Lee and the team at Aspire for giving me back my self esteem and a new pain-free life.”


“As someone who had abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) and recently had breast reduction due to massive weight loss, plastic surgery is not a luxury in many cases; it’s often necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Lee is an awesome surgeon!”


“I really appreciated the concern and personal touch of receiving a post-op phone call by both the nurse and Dr. Lee. It is comforting to know that Dr. Lee is a very talented artist whose skills tie in with his work. I absolutely love and enjoy seeing Dr. Lee’s photography displayed on the walls and in the books in his office.”


“Dr. Lee and his Dream Team of doctors and nurses are truly gifted. Surgery is always difficult, but everything went so well. Thank you so much.”


“Jill Carnahan is amazing. She has worked on me for a couple of years, and my skin never looks better than when she is taking care of it. What an awesome addition to your team!”


“I have worked with docs all over the Midwest and would have to say that Dr. Lee is one of the most professional, caring and artistic I have ever seen. He helped me after I had lost over 100 pounds and had a huge amount of excess fat hanging on me. It is now gone, and he is still following up with me to make sure all is well. His staff (Candy, Jen and Shauna) need to be thanked as well. You all complement Dr. Lee.


“Best money I ever spent!! Thanks, Dr. Lee!!!”


“I had the HydraFacial Monday. It was wonderful! I could see a difference right away. I will be booking another before the end of the month.”


“I love Dr. Brian Lee! Can’t wait to come see what Aspire has to offer!”


“Tonight I get to share my weight lose journey at Lutheran. You are now part of that journey. I will praise the work you have done on me. :)”


“I had the HydraFacial last Monday. Booked another appointment in two weeks! I’ve been telling everyone how awesome this is!!!”


“I just want to tell you, Dr. Lee, that I love you. You’re the best surgeon ever.”

“I had my second SkinMedica Vitalize Peel today. I’m looking forward to seeing more sun damage stripped away. Thanks, Jill—you’re the best!”


“I’m three weeks post-op from my breast reduction, and I am so pleased with the results! I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I have sexy boobs for the first time in my life. 🙂 I have so much more confidence, zero back pain, and motivation to lose more weight! The scar gel is like magic in a bottle, and I see results after each use. Thank you so much, Dr. Lee! I’ve tried for years to get this procedure done, and so many other doctors took one look at me and said ‘come back after you lose 50 lbs.’ Dr. Lee is compassionate and understands the physical and emotional pain associated with too large of breasts. I’d recommend him and his staff to anyone considering this or any procedure! Thank you so much!”


“Amazing! I called yesterday at 11:00 a.m. and asked for some scar gel to be mailed to me (saving me an hour drive to Fort Wayne). I went to the mailbox today, and there it was. Thanks to whoever did their job at Aspire and got it out to UPS in a timely manner. I’m truly amazed. I wasn’t expecting it until Monday.”


“Thanks for the amazing work—great doctor and great staff.”


“Thank you, Jill Carnahan, for suggesting SkinMedica. I’ve been using the Purifying Foaming Cleanser and TNS Essential Serum for a couple of weeks and love them. My skin has never looked and felt so amazing. If you haven’t tried SkinMedica, you’re missing out! Thank you, Jill!!”


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