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You can now supercharge your microneedling treatments with Platelet Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). This advanced technology is the next generation of PRP facials. Growth factors from your blood are strengthened with a chemically balanced solution. This “liquid gold” is then needled into the skin to further promote collagen production and healing. These growth factors will continue to work in your skin for 7 days as opposed to the previous generation PRP growth factors which work for just 3 hours. This add-on to microneedling has no additional contraindications and is potent for any skin type. It can be utilized anywhere on the body to improve stretch marks and diminish scars. Micro-needling with PRFM also produces great anti-aging results on the neck and décolleté.

Key benefits include:

  • Prolonged Collagen Production
  • Expedited Healing
  • Improved Texture
  • Diminished Scarring
  • Reduced Pores

Dr. Brian Lee 


Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brian Lee has been in practice for over 2 decades, serving the Fort Wayne community for all their aesthetic and cosmetic needs. He is proud to work alongside his talented team and looks forward to seeing new and returning patients in his office.

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I can speak about someone whom I was in a romantic relationship with who went to see Dr. Lee for a consultation and then to have two fairly significant procedures done. From the very first meeting, all the way through her recovery from both procedures, Dr. Lee and his staff were nothing but the best they could be. I was just amazed how upbeat and positive Dr. Lee and his staff made her feel every step of the way. Dr. Lee is not just a gifted, board-certified plastic surgeon with 22 years of experience who has an amazing staff of caring people. He CHANGES PEOPLE’S LIVES!! He is gifted, he is talented, he is polite, friendly, articulate and, most of all, humble. He does not brag or boast or have an ego. He has a gift and love for what he does, and it shows in how he does it with every single patient every single day. The Fort Wayne medical community is blessed and fortunate to have Dr. Lee as one of its members, and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our community.

- Written by John R.

I really appreciated the concern and personal touch of receiving a post-op phone call by both the nurse and Dr. Lee. It is comforting to know that Dr. Lee is a very talented artist whose skills tie in with his work. I absolutely love and enjoy seeing Dr. Lee’s photography displayed on the walls and in the books in his office.

- Written by Judy

Dr. Lee is the best doctor I have ever encountered. He cares and explains everything thoroughly, and he especially takes the time to talk and listen to his patients. He is an outstanding doctor! He does a great job at what he does!

- Written by Roxanne

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