Vanquish in Fort Wayne

Melt fat away without surgery or pain.

Stubborn belly fat and love handles are the greatest challenge for many of us—the trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t fix. But you can now melt that fat away without surgery and without pain, thanks to an innovative, non-invasive new technology called Vanquish. It’s an easy way to destroy fat cells in the abdomen
for good.

Vanquish, in Fort Wayne, Indiana is a body contouring device that uses safe, focused radio frequency (RF) waves to heat and break down fat cells. The device is effective and does not harm the muscles and skin. There’s no direct skin contact; the applicator is positioned over your trouble spots and goes to work while you relax. Results can be visible after as few as two 45 -minute treatments; you can lose up to two inches with Vanquish after just four weekly 45 -minute treatments.



Vanquish covers larger areas in half the time of CoolSculpting technology. And it can treat these relatively large areas with consistent results. Unlike liposuction, there’s no down time, and no recovery is needed. There’s no anesthesia risk and no side effects. You can schedule a treatment over your lunch hour and return to work immediately.

The procedure has been a hit since its debut. Vanquish has been featured on The View, in Allure magazine and in Harper’s Bazaar. It’s also garnered countless positive reviews from satisfied  patients. Patients from the Fort Wayne, Warsaw, and Huntington areas can benefit from a Vanquish treatment.

If you can’t get rid of those last few inches in your waist and abdomen, Vanquish can help. And if you maintain a good diet and exercise, the results are permanent. For individuals who are at a healthy weight, Vanquish is truly a simple, effective solution to reduce and eliminate troublesome stomach fat. There’s nothing else like it on the market!

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