Breast Reduction in Fort Wayne

Breast reduction can resolve many issues and help you live a more active life.

Overly large breasts can be a burden in many ways. Heavy breasts can make physical activity difficult or impossible, and they can lead to back, shoulder and neck problems.

Breasts that are too large can cause skin irritation beneath the crease and cause your bra straps to pull and cut into your skin. Breasts that are pendulous and out of proportion with your body can also be a mental burden. Fortunately, a breast reduction can resolve many of these issues and help you live a more active life.

A breast reduction procedure, performed in Fort Wayne, Indiana removes excess fat, tissue and skin  to create breasts that are in proportion to your body, with a youthful shape and lift. Most women who undergo a breast reduction enjoy increased activity, less back pain, the ability to wear a broader range of clothes, and improved self esteem.



If you’re considering a breast reduction, the first step is a consultation at our Fort Wayne location.  Dr. Lee  will take the time to get to know you and why you are seeking a breast reduction. Dr. Lee will ask you about your goals for your breast reduction procedure. He will take measurements of your breasts and photos for your records. You can be assured you are in good hands; Dr. Lee has experience performing breast reductions for patients in the Angola, Warsaw, and Huntington areas.

Dr. Lee will take your medical history. Be prepared to talk about any medical conditions, previous surgeries, current medications and allergies, and whether you’ve had any breast biopsies.

A breast reduction may affect your ability to breastfeed, and pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect the results of your breast lift. Tell Dr. Lee if you are planning to become pregnant after your procedure.

You should also tell Dr. Lee if you plan to lose a signification amount of weight. Weight loss can affect the size and shape of your breasts. You may need to achieve your goal weight before undergoing surgery.

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