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I had my first real appointment for my 90 Days to NEW program. WOW… I was blown away! I didn’t realize what a great package and a wonderful opportunity I had before me. I knew I was getting some awesome skincare products, but I had no idea how comprehensive this program was. Aspire really is about the “total package” inside and out.

I started out by getting a blood test called the ALCAT. It is a workup to determine which foods my body may be allergic or sensitive to. They shared with me an example from Dr. Lee himself. He was having significant arthritic joint pain in his hands that was very concerning to him because of his line of work. He read online about Type III allergies that cause delayed inflammatory responses and used himself as a guinea pig. He was blown away by the results. He was highly sensitive to dairy products and black pepper–and he used to put black pepper on almost everything. He also found out that he was allergic to almonds. His body was reacting with inflammation. He ate almonds every day between surgeries, thinking that he was doing his body a favor by making a healthy food choice. After eliminating this from his diet, his symptoms subsided.

So I am very excited to learn whether there are any foods that I need to avoid and see whether I might be able to eliminate some of my aches and pains. I will get the test results at my next visit in two weeks!

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