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We all tend to get busier during back-to-school time, whether we have children in school or not. It seems to be a mindset—fall is the time to return to a schedule, to get busy, to tackle new projects. The lazy days of summer are over.

But it’s important to remember the importance of rest. Beauty sleep is a real thing! It’s evident on our faces when we don’t get enough: dark circles under our eyes, puffy eyes, dull and pale skin. Our body repairs itself while we’re sleeping, creating new cells and undergoing hormonal and metabolic rhythms. We need at least seven to eight hours of sleep to allow those processes to happen.

Nighttime is a great time to improve our skin with treatments as well. We’re not exposed to the sun, so it’s the perfect time to use retinols. And deep moisturizers have plenty of time to penetrate and work overnight.

Our society tends to value productivity and busyness, but sleep should be a priority for us, rather than an indulgence. It does wonders for your skin—not to mention your mood and overall health. This fall, be sure to carve time out of your hectic back-to-school schedules for you—and your family—to enjoy plenty of sweet slumber.

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