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After my nutrition talk, they treated me to a microdermabrasion. I have had these before and love them. Your skin feels like silk when they’re done, and you have brighter-looking skin. The tool they use reminds me of a sander. It doesn’t really hurt, it just feels rough. It takes the top layer of dead skin off and leaves you feeling and looking polished and new.

Then it was like Christmas! They gave me all the SkinMedica products I needed to last me for 90 days. At that point, I pretty much felt like I had died and gone to heaven. It took everything I had not to break into the product and start lathering up right there in my car on my way home.

So here we are at Day 4 on the diet. I have been without my beloved Diet Coke and had to substitute my daily indulgence of ice cream for a frozen banana (which was surprising tasty). I feel great, and I already feel like my cravings are decreasing. I also can hardly wait to wake up or go to bed so I can apply more of the “magic” lotion. And I know it’s got to be my imagination, but I swear my skin looks and feels better.

Stay tuned folks…

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