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The next part of my visit was really the most impressive. I met with my wellness coach. She weighed me, took my measurements, measured my body fat and took photos of me in my bathing suit. (Yes, that was a bit traumatic, but I survived.) The coach explained the diet and eating plan, which is formulated to decrease excess body fat, increase energy and help your body become toxin-free. Isn’t that every aging woman’s dream come true?

You begin with a cleanse. The mechanics are pretty simple: Once you get the junk out of your system, you stop craving it. They promised that I would feel the results immediately. They gave me written instructions and a daily food journal. After day four, I have already eliminated all refined sugar, dairy, wheat and caffeine from my diet. It was a bit scary at first. Talk about accountability. I need to write down everything single thing I eat and then blog about my “progress,” which means of course I need to make the progress before I can blog about it. I am really bad at losing weight and even worse at sticking to a diet. I am the type of girl who just thinks about dieting and is instantly hungry.

But I decided to seize the opportunity, because I really do want to be healthy, look my best and be around a long time for my two boys. My mom died at age 61 of ovarian cancer, and my sister had breast cancer two years ago. So I figure I need to do everything possible to keep myself healthy and reduce my toxins, because my genetic makeup is not the best.

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