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It could be a little awkward to hand a friend a referral card to Aspire Plastic Surgery.

A plastic surgeon? Thanks…Um, what are you trying to tell me?

That’s where you jump in and explain that Aspire is way more than going under the knife—though we do that too.

Aspire offers gobs of nonsurgical procedures that would make for a lovely and relaxing day. Take the HydraFacial, for example. It’s so relaxing we’ve been known to fall asleep on the table while super powerful moisturizers are penetrating our pores. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

We also offer all kinds of cosmetic skin care treatments to keep you looking fresh and bright: SkinMedica peels, Medical Grade Microneedling, IPL, lasers and more. We can treat those pesky spider veins. Remove unwanted hair. Shoot, we can buff and polish just about any part of you to a smooth finish.

Giving a friend a referral card to Aspire doesn’t have to create an awkward moment. And who knows? Maybe your friend has been wishing to take care of those bags under her eyes or that sagging twin skin on her tummy. You could be doing her a favor without even knowing it.

The best part? When your friend brings that referral card back to Aspire, she gets a $25 discount…and so do you.

The next time you’re in our office, pick up a handful of referral cards. Then, when you’re having coffee and your friend mentions that her kids are terrified of her because of her bothersome frown lines…bam! Hand her an Aspire referral card. You’ll be a hero!

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