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Breast augmentation procedures are still among the most popular reconstructive procedures in the United States. Dr. Brian Lee from Aspire Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa specializes in three main procedures designed to improve shape and appearance.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation can enlarge the breasts and create fullness. Women of all shapes and sizes are candidates for breast augmentation. Previous weight changes, gains or losses, change the shape and firmness of the breast tissue. Age, breastfeeding, and activity level can also decrease the overall firmness and change the natural shape of the breasts. An augmentation procedure can restore the youthful roundness and firmness of breast tissue. The result is that the patient looks and feels much better and clothes fit in a more flattering way than before the procedure. Breast augmentation may also include a breast lift to address sagging.

Breast Lift

Significant weight loss and breastfeeding can create an appearance of sagging breasts. This experience also happens gradually as part of the aging process. This may or may not be noticeable, but it creates a feeling of insecurity among many women. Bras and clothing do not fit properly, and the weight of falling breasts can create a wrinkled or broken appearance on the skin in the upper chest area. This uncomfortable situation can create poor posture and even back pain in some patients. A breast lift can easily correct the effects of nature and lifestyle. When the shape of elongated or flattened breasts is enhanced through a breast lift, the whole contour of the upper body is improved.

Breast Reduction

Although the breast augmentation procedures are the most commonly requested, there are also times when a breast reduction is required. Some women develop very large breasts that are out of proportion for the rest of their body. This can create an awkward gait and an unusual appearance. In addition to the physical toll such as back pain and poor posture, disproportionately heavy breasts cause women emotional and mental stress. They often feel insecure about their bodies and make attempts to hide or cover up their breasts in loose or otherwise ill-fitting clothing. Breast reduction surgery helps alleviate the stress that the extra weight places on the necks, shoulders, and back. The improved appearance will increase self-esteem and ensure that clothing fits properly and gently skims over the newly contoured body.

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Each breast enhancement procedure requires some preparation before surgery. There are also specific instructions that must be followed after the procedure to ensure the best results. A complete consultation with Dr. Lee is designed to answer questions and alleviate any fears the patient may have about an upcoming procedure. You can contact us by filling out a form or calling our office.

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