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Bikinis, sundresses and those crop tops that are everywhere this year—they’re all so very hard to wear if you weren’t blessed with breasts.

It’s a constant challenge. Dresses always hang a little too loose and long in front. Dresses with cups sag and show everything underneath (what little there is to peek at, anyway).

No matter how fit you are, how flat your stomach, the bathing suit never looks right. There just aren’t enough ruffles in the world to fix it. And padding? It helps when you have a little, but it looks silly when you don’t have anything.

Being an almost-A has implications beyond fashion. As some of our patients have testified, the teasing and self-consciousness can be deeply embarrassing, even hurtful. It’s never funny to be singled out and made to feel less, literally and figuratively.

Thank our lucky stars, sundressbreast augmentation can put things in proportion. It can offer the balance that you weren’t born with or that breastfeeding depleted.

It means you can finally wear “normal” clothes—wrap tops, V-necks and things without “ruffles that give the illusion of fullness.”

It means you can shop in the grown-up section of the lingerie department, rather than buying training bras from the pre-teen section. You can feel like a grown-up, too.

And it means you can finally be free of that self-consciousness. It might be the one time when simply looking average feels like a true blessing.

Breast enlargement doesn’t have to be obvious. The results don’t have to scream “fake boobs.” During your consultation with Dr. Lee, talk about your goals. You can try inserts in your bra that let you experiment with different sizes until you find one that suits your proportions and looks natural.

And afterward you can try on the bikinis, the V-neck shirt, and yes, those dresses. You might find that your world opens up in so many ways. And you might wonder why you waited so long.

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