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As we near the end of the year, our thoughts turn to fresh starts and new beginnings. We resolve to snack less and exercise more, to quit smoking and to start spending more time with friends, to change our job or to change others’ lives.

January seems made for transformation. But we feel blessed to witness it all year long here at Aspire. We witness people returning to an active lifestyle after surgery to remove excess skin left by weight loss. We see women gain confidence and a new sense of self after breast augmentation. We celebrate with patients who once again look as young as they feel. It’s a privilege we never take for granted.

We would love to know your stories of transformation. Please share with us at Your experience could be the spark that ignites another’s desire to change his or her life.

Our resolutions for 2014? To snack less and exercise more. To refine the processes in our practice to better serve you. And to keep learning, so we can always offer new ways to help change others’ lives.

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