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The next best thing to having your dentist whiten your teeth in your own home.


Yellowing teeth can age your appearance. Coffee, wine, and other dark beverages can exacerbate the problem. But a great smile can light up a room. Make yours the brightest and whitest it can be with Liquid Smile® professional teeth whitening.

Liquid Smile® contains the most powerful dose of hydrogen peroxide (12 percent) of any paint-on whitener. But, there’s little to no pain or sensitivity. The hydrogen peroxide is active for just 15 minutes, vs. an hour or more with trays. Because you apply it before bedtime, you avoid hot or cold foods, and beverages that can aggravate newly treated teeth. Because you paint the gel only on your teeth, you can also avoid gum sensitivity. In Fort Wayne, Indiana, patients can experience this new method for a new smile.

The hydrogen peroxide formula is four times faster than carbamide whiteners. And the paint-on process allows you to continue to treat individual teeth that are slower to respond.






Just one application per night, for two weeks, and you will experience dramatic whitening.

Liquid Smile’s® soft brush allows for precise and even distribution of the gel over each tooth surface. Simply twist the dial clockwise until the pen dispenses the gel into the brush, then paint it on.

Liquid Smile® has redefined the art and science of tooth whitening.

The developers of the Liquid Smile ensure that the product can fit into your lifestyle. It was designed by one of the original dentists of Brite Smile who trained thousands of practitioners on Brite smile.

Liquid Smile® creates an enjoyable whitening experience.

The liquid smile is done right before bed. After you brush and floss your teeth, dry your teeth with a tissue. Then, with a wide smile, paint a thin layer of the liquid smile on the front of each tooth that is seen when you smile. Keep your smile wide while the gel dries (about 30 seconds). Now, you are ready to go to sleep!

Liquid Smile® fits into your evening brushing and bedtime routine. It takes about a minute to apply, and you can go to bed without rinsing.

We recommend patients to apply this at night because food, beverages, and extreme temperatures can cause staining and affect sensitivity. By applying at night, you can comfortably have coffee, tea, red wine, etc. throughout the day without disrupting the whitening procedure.

Most people see results from their liquid smile after a few applications, it is recommended to use this product each night until it is gone (about 2 weeks). It is not necessary to rinse after applying the product. If you must, you should wait at least 15 minutes after the gel has dried.

Liquid Smile® is affordable, so you can repeat the process as your teeth stain over time. And it’s effective: It has been named one of Dental Product Report’s top products. Dr. Lee himself has used the product with great success.

The importance of a great smile can hardly be overstated. In an April 2013 Canadian study (“Is An Unattractive Smile a Barrier to Professional Success?”), 85 percent said that a bright smile was an essential part of a person’s overall appearance. In an April 2012 survey (“Invisalign Smile Study”), nearly one-third of Americans say the first aspect of someone’s face they typically notice is his or her teeth. 24 percent say teeth are the facial aspect they remember the most after meeting someone. Nearly three in four (73 percent) would be more likely to trust someone with a nice smile than someone with a good job, outfit or car.

A smile is one of the most beautiful accessories you can wear.  Patients in the Fort Wayne, Warsaw, and Angola areas are encouraged to Call Aspire today. You can schedule your   consultation at our Fort Wayne office to learn more about Liquid Smile®!

Call Aspire today at 427-7473 for pricing and options.

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