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Are you almost to your perfect weight or close to your ideal shape but struggling with a few extra lumps and bumps despite a healthy diet and regular exercise? Then liposuction could be the right choice for you. Some people are disappointed to learn that they actually have to lose weight before they’re candidates for liposuction. It almost seems counterintuitive! But it’s not safe nor possible to remove large volumes of fat this way. The best liposuction patient is a relatively healthy individual with localized pockets of stubborn fat. If you need to lose weight, Aspire can help you with nutrition counseling, and we can refer you to our partners at Urban Body Sanctuary for exercise guidance. If you’re within a healthy weight and you can’t make your trouble spots budge despite your best efforts, see Dr. Lee for a consultation to learn about your options.
[accordion ][accordion-item title=”Friends”] Not all patients are from Indiana and if you live out west near Portland, then I highly recommend you visit Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael F. Bohley. Dr. Bohely uses the most cutting edge surgical techniques to deliver some of the best liposuction results for his patients. You can learn more on his website:[/accordion-item][/accordion]

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