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The dry winter air had left my skin looking and feeling more rough than the roads after a long season of salt and snowplowing. I needed a blast of fresh air…or maybe a blast of fresh water.

Enter the HydraFacial. It’s a unique new way to deliver nutrients and moisture to any skin type—oily, dry or sensitive—and leave it looking as bright and dewy as the first crocus of spring (which I’ve been stalking obsessively).

Jill and Kari at Aspire have an arsenal of solutions for the HydraFacial with which to combat any skin problem. They’ll choose a lineup of liquids customized for your skin and load them into the machine. Mine is mostly dry, but a little oily in the T zone, and sensitive all over. A real challenge, right? Not for Jill.

We started with the Active-4 rejuvenating solution with Glucosamine HCL. Jill went over my entire face with the wand, which works like a carpet cleaner—it injects the solution into the skin and sucks it right back up at the same time. Next she used the GlySal, which is formulated to further exfoliate, much like a peel without the flaking. Next came the DermaBuilder, which stimulates collagen production. Finally, she smoothed a moisturizer from the HydraFacial MD® Daily Essentials™ line over my skin. Forty-five minutes later, I was fresh as a daisy! (Or a crocus. They’re fresh too.)

Aside from a little stinging during the exfoliation, the process was painless. The wand felt sandpapery, like a cat’s tongue. Not so bad, right? I might have even dozed off a little bit while Jill left the room to let the third solution penetrate.

I got to peek in the mirror as soon as we were finished, and I was astounded. My pores had disappeared! I didn’t know where they went, but I didn’t want them back. The fine lines around my eyes were also less visible. Even when I squinted. And my skin was so soft. The best part: With a touch of powder on my nose, I was ready to go out in public and get on with my day. No hiding at home while I healed. No downtime. It was non-invasive. It was easy. I was new and improved!

Aspire Plastic Surgery is the first practice in the region to offer this procedure. You can read all about it at Paris Hilton and Marie Osmond are fans. More importantly, the Aspire partners who have tried it are fans. Please schedule an appointment and come in to try it for yourself. It’s a great mom-and-daughter experience. It’s an awesome treat. Set up a recurring appointment once a month, and you’ll feel as bright and dewy as the first crocus at any time of year.

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