Hand Rejuvenation in Fort Wayne

People may take our age at face value. But our hands give it away singlehandedly every time.

Yes, most of us are very careful to protect and nourish the skin on our face, tightening and exfoliating and plumping as needed.

But our hands often tell a different story. The thin skin there can quickly reveal veins with the passing of time. Sun damage results in age spots. As collagen decreases, the skin’s texture grows more uneven. Even if you face the world with a youthful glow, your hands will “tip your hand” every time.

Fortunately, younger looking hands are within your grasp. Aspire offers hand rejuvenation in Fort Wayne, Indiana: a combination of non-invasive procedures to give your hands a helping hand.

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, a treatment with an injectable filler such as Juvéderm can smooth wrinkles and plump up the backs of hands for as long as a year. Treatment hides some of the underlying structure—bones and veins— that is revealed as we age.

Fat grafts are a more permanent option, requiring a minor surgical procedure that can be performed in our office. We also employ the Dermapen to tighten skin. Aspire provides many hand rejuvenation options to patients in the Angola, Warsaw, and Huntington areas.


Resurface the skin.

Treatments with a laser such as the Yag laser can improve skin color and tone and help eliminate textural irregularities by stimulating collagen production in the skin on the backs of the hands.


Fade freckles, age spots and other blotches.

Intense pulsed light can zap melatonin deposits, also known as age spots or liver spots. IPL treatments also can fade scars and freckles. Sun protection is an absolute must after these treatments, or spots can return.

During a consultation at our Fort Wayne office, we can determine which options or combination of options will work best for your hands and develop a treatment plan.

Hand rejuvenation is primarily a non-invasive process, so there is little to no downtime or pain. To help you achieve long-lasting results, Aspire can recommend ongoing skin care from the SkinMedica® line of products, including the SkinMedica® Environmental Defense Sunscreen™ SPF 50+ with UV ProPlex™.

Turn back the hands of time with hand rejuvenation and face aging with your best foot…er, hand…forward. Call to schedule a consultation with the Aspire team!

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