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Almost 60 days in, I am really enjoying the Aspire 90 Days to New challenge. I have especially benefited from learning about nutrition and the motivation it has given me to eat well. I have made significant changes in my diet and really notice a difference. The most immediate thing I’ve noticed is a relief from a problem I’ve had for the past three years. I had been experiencing a metallic taste in my mouth. My general doctor had run all sorts of tests to find an answer to this problem but found none. This diet has almost completely taken away that problem. I believe now it had something to do with the acidity in my system. This diet is suppose to neutralize that and make my blood more alkaline instead of acidic. Whatever it is, I am thrilled with the change.

I have to admit, the 90 Days to New challenge has been what the name says–a challenge. Especially with my busy schedule, my traveling and the holidays. You really have to plan ahead to stay on your diet and get the right foods. I learned this the hard way when I recently took off for a conference in Washington, D.C. Eating healthy on the road and at a hotel was next to impossible. I hope to learn from this and do little better at planning ahead. But I know it’s a process, and my end goal is to make lifestyle changes in my eating. I think I am on my way to this.

I also am going into the office today for my second skin peel. The second time around I feel a little more prepared for what to expect. The first two days after a peel are a piece of cake–my skin actually glowed. Days three to five, however, are not much fun. My face was red and constantly peeling. I found myself not wanting to be around people or wanting to explain why I looked like I did. But I have heard from the experts that after three peels your face will look much healthier and smoother.

Overall, my process so far has been a really good experience. I would encourage anyone to take this challenge. And January would be the perfect time of year to do it. I believe many times we as women/moms think of everyone else’s wants and needs before our own. We are constantly trying to meet the needs of our family, friends, coworkers and others. It’s been a real treat for me to have this opportunity to set goals and focus on my own needs and health. As a result, it’s helping build my confidence and self-esteem. I know this will directly affect those around me and will help me actually be there for others even more than I was before. I strongly believe if you feel good about yourself, inside and out, everything in your life will improve.

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