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We are oh-so-grateful for heat with the return of the dangerously cold Polar Vortex. But if your furnace is running constantly, like ours, your skin is likely scratchy and parched. We recommend these extra measures to hydrate and repair the damage:

  • Use a lighter body wash and gentle facial cleanser. Your Clarisonic brush can deliver a deep clean with less soap.
  • Pat your skin with a towel after washing your face or showering and leave a bit of moisture behind. Seal it in immediately with a thick moisturizer all over your body. On your face, use a cream with humectants to attract water molecules.
  • Opt for a sink and soap rather than hand sanitizers whenever possible, as they can be extra drying. If you need to use hand sanitizer, follow up with a heavy hand cream.
  • Run a cool-air humidifier in your bedroom or living areas, following instructions to keep the tank clean and free of bacteria.
  • Eat foods that nourish your skin, including salmon, olive oil, avocados and fruits and vegetables high in natural water content.
  • It’s obvious, but it bears repeating: Drink more water. Most lotions only work to hold moisture from within; you need to add water to your system first for them to be effective. Warm up with hot lemon water or herbal tea for variety.

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