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One of our top priorities at Aspire is to stay on the cutting edge (pardon the pun). We have medical technology that most in the country have not heard of, let alone adopted, including the Megadyne ACE blade (we are world leaders in this electrosurgical technology), and ThermiAesthetics (Dr. Lee is one of just 75 doctors in the country on the clinical advisory board of ThermiRF).

And now we have Vanquish®! It’s an innovative, non-invasive new technology to reduce fat cells in the abdomen. As you rest comfortably in a private room, an applicator is placed over the treatment area, though not in direct contact with your skin, and the fat cells are heated and destroyed. It’s one of the most exciting new procedures for getting rid of belly fat and love handles, generating buzz in the national media, and we are thrilled to be able to bring it to you.

We seek to be the best not only in Fort Wayne or the Midwest, but the leaders in the country in how we treat our partners and the groundbreaking treatments that we offer. At Aspire, we can give our partners the entire experience, from skin care to surgery, in an incredibly relaxing environment with predictable results. We want to be the only place you consider for cosmetic enhancements!

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