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Breast Augmentation:

In the first 4 years as Aspire we have performed 257 breast augmentations.

Our typical partner is a female in her mid-twenties to forties looking restore the volume lost to pregnancy, breast-feeding and gravitational effects or just never had much tissue during development.

My preferences:

A. Inframammary incision location

i. 3 cm length and hides in creases and shadows
ii. Does not interrupt lymphatics in armpit or breast tissue in areola

B. Submuscular placement (below breast tissue and muscle)

i. More natural appearance (no ‘softball on chest’ appearance)
ii. Less interference with future mammograms
iii. Less incidence of capsular contracture (hardening of implants)

C. Saline implants rather than silicone gel

i. Less expensive
ii. Smaller incision to place
iii. Adjustable fluid volumes without purchasing new implants
iv. Filled with the same saline we put in your IV into your vein
v. If there is a leak, you know it and it is more easily replaced (no need for MRIs to check for leaks like silicone gel implants)
vi. Outside of the body, the silicone implant feels more like tissue, but when placed under the muscle it is very difficult to feel the difference
vii. FDA recommends regular MRI exams to check for leaks in silicone gel implants

Please review before and after photos and contact our office for more information.

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