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A chemical peel is a popular skin procedure that helps remove the damaged outer layer of skin to promote rejuvenation. Chemical peels can improve a variety of visible skin concerns, especially after a summer of outdoor fun and amid dry winter air.

You can have this procedure any time of year, but there are a few reasons why winter is the best time for a chemical peel.

Winter Can Cause Skin Dryness and Irritation

While we all enjoy experiencing all four changing seasons throughout the year in northeast Indiana, we also know that the winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. The extreme temperature and humidity changes between late summer into fall and winter dehydrate your skin.

Through this season change, dead skin cells can build up in your pores and cause excess oil production and breakouts, not to mention an overall dull tone and rough texture.

Having a chemical peel during the winter can help fight back against all of these issues by removing the dry outer layer of your skin. This process exposes the healthy new skin just beneath the surface while clearing your pores and improving your skin’s overall appearance.

You Spend More Time Indoors in the Winter

During our cold and snowy winter days, we all love snuggling up with a blanket while relaxing on the sofa. Walks with dogs and kids become shorter and less frequent, trips to run errands become more combined, and optional work-from-home days become more tempting.

All this extra time indoors is another thing that makes winter the best time for a chemical peel. Side effects from chemical peels commonly include redness, tenderness, and sensitivity to sunlight. The limited exposure to harmful UV rays in the winter creates the perfect scenario for healing your fresh post-procedure skin.

The Slower Pace of Winter is a Great Time to Book Appointments

Chemical Peels are often combined with other skin rejuvenation procedures to help patients receive optimal results. We understand your schedule is busy year-round, but the naturally slower pace of the winter months makes it a great time to book that procedure or treatment you have been wanting.

Prepare for the Return of Spring and Summer Months

Regardless of how cold the temperatures are or how much snow we receive, we all know that time will keep moving. Late winter is also a great time to receive a chemical peel to ensure your skin is healthy before your life returns to the outdoors.

Chemical Peels at Aspire Plastic Surgery

Your winter skin doesn’t have to be dull, dry, and uncomfortable.

If you are considering receiving a chemical peel this winter, our experienced team would love to discuss your skin goals and create your customized treatment plan.

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