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Diane Keaton is beautiful and talented—the modern-day Audrey Hepburn, in my opinion. In a recent article, she lamented the toll aging has taken on her reflection in the mirror. But she believes that at 68, she’s too old to do anything about it.

With all due respect to the lovely Ms. Keaton, I would disagree. There are so many more options today for women of all ages to maintain the appearance that reflects how they view themselves.

Surgery remains an option for the right candidates in good health, and it’s the gold standard in long-lasting results. That might mean a traditional facelift, but it could also mean a much more simple eyelid surgery, which can be nearly as transformative with much less downtime.

In lieu of tightening the skin, injectable fillers can restore youthful volume, and the options are improving every day—in fact, a patient’s own fat can be used now to fill out the hollows of cheeks. On the other side of the coin, removing fat under the eyes or under the chin can dramatically improve one’s appearance.

Each person’s face ages in its own unique way. Our goal is to evaluate the planes and angles of your face and suggest the procedure or procedures that will subtly, gracefully refresh your youthful glow. Not in an obvious, she-had-work-done way, but in a way that honors you and stays true to you.

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