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Aspire Plastic Surgery is thrilled to announce the winner of our Aspire Plastic Surgery 90 Days to New contest.


Lori Hunt was one of three finalists selected by the Aspire team; she was awarded the 90 Days to New package after a vote on Facebook. Meet Lori and follow her journey to radiant skin and a healthier mind and body over the next 90 days!

“I heard about the Aspire Plastic Surgery contest after I friended them on Facebook. I went to the same high school as Dr. Brian Lee (Snider High School), although I never knew him well. We both have a love for photography. I told my best friend Lisa about the contest, and she said she wanted to nominate me. I never thought in a million years I would win. I am usually runner-up at best. But maybe my luck has changed! I am always up for a new adventure. And let’s face it… what woman doesn’t want to be pampered a little and hopefully look better in the process? So let the adventure begin ….

“I’m 52 years young, and I have two incredible boys. Daniel is 21. He is a senior at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. My other son, Weston, is 18 and is studying engineering at IPFW. I could not be more proud of the young men they are becoming. I am truly blessed.

“I was married for 17 years. I have been divorced for 8 years. I am still searching for the man of my dreams. I find it very hard to meet men at my age. I am doing Internet dating, but it’s very time consuming, entertaining and even a bit scary. I do have some pretty funny stories though. My friends tell me I should write a book about it! I have heard over and over the best way to meet a man is to be fixed up. Anyone out there feeling like a matchmaker? You couldn’t possibly set me up on a worse date than I have already been on.

“I’ve worked at Parkview Hospital for the past 21 years. My current title is Strategic Planner and Trauma Prevention. I came up with Parkview’s Don’t Text and Drive campaign. It’s been a really exciting and rewarding venture. We have sold the program to several other hospitals in the United States,  and we very recently have been approached by the United Nations to take our campaign international It’s truly a dream come true. I love having a job that can truly effect positive change. I could not be happier in my work. I also do freelance photography on the side.

“I like to stay active and give back to the community. I have started a “mentoring” type group called Encourage Me On. It brings women of all ages together to share their life experiences and “encourage each other on.” We meet monthly and have a guest speaker, then do something fun, like a craft. We address topics such as career, self-esteem, beauty and nutrition. I think Aspire should come be a guest speaker.

“I also love to ride my road bike, play tennis, kayak and lift weights.

“I have used several different skin care products off and on in the last twenty years. I exercise faithfully but could really improve my nutrition. I have a horrible sweet tooth and drink way too much Diet Coke. I can’t wait to learn from your program.”

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