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Acne and chicken pox scars; brown spots and uneven coloring; wrinkles around your mouth; crow’s feet; sun damage…we wear our lives on our faces.

But you can uncover a fresh new face by treating the skin with a chemical designed to remove the damaged outer layer of your skin. There are several types of chemicals varying in strength, length of time left on the skin or how thick they are applied. Your individual skin quality, desired results and time available to recuperate will determine the type of chemical peel for you.

There’s a tremendous amount of science that goes into determining which chemical peel is best suited for you. There also are a number of variables to determine which peel will give you the best results for your needs. This is why our skin-care professionals at Aspire Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa undergo so much training and are under the guidance of Dr. Lee!

The first variable is Glogau’s Photo Aging Classification System. This is based primarily on a visual examination:

Skin Classification I

Usually teens to 20 year olds

Mild pigment changes

No keratoses (skin growths)

Minimal dynamic wrinkles—wrinkles that appear upon movement

Skin Classification II

Usually 20- to 30-somethings

A few age spots

Keratoses can be felt but not seen

More dynamic wrinkles

A few static wrinkles—wrinkles apparent when the face is at rest

Skin Classification III

Usually 40-50-plus years old

Obvious skin discoloration and dilated blood vessels

Visible keratoses

Obvious static wrinkles

Skin Classification IV

Usually 60- to 70-somethings

No non-wrinkled skin

Sallow skin color

Possible history of skin cancer

Those in Skin Classification I are not candidates for deep peels because of the risk of pigment changes. Light and medium peels are best for Skin Classifications I and II. Deep peels work well for Skin Classification IV because they increase collagen and help decrease wrinkles.

Next time: Fitzpatrick Skin Types.

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