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At Aspire Plastic Surgery, we strive to help our patients feel beautiful and confident mentally and physically, both inside and out, with every procedure. We offer our patients from Aboite and surrounding areas something different; whether you are looking for everyday skin care or a completely rejuvenated appearance, you can always expect stunning results. Dr. Brian Lee is sought after Dr. Brian Lee is sought after is because he understands how patients spend months and sometimes even years contemplating a surgical procedure before finally making a choice. We understand how this could have led to unwanted anxiety and Dr. Lee helps his patients feel at ease by helping them focus on the results they can achieve with the procedure they choose. He has decades of experience and unrelenting commitment to his patients.

Dr. Lee and his team do not treat you merely like a patient but as a partner. Your best interests are of paramount importance to us. Dr. Lee is an artist and a medical missionary as well, and he views his medical practice in a different light. He believes in helping his patients realize their full potential, so every procedure offered at Aspire Plastic Surgery is customized to suit individual needs and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Lee is especially known for prioritizing your health and offering natural-appearing results to his patients who are seeking better breast contours with a range of comprehensive breast procedures offered at Aspire Plastic Surgery.

Why do women seek a breast procedure?

Of all the cosmetic procedures offered at Aspire Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation is one of the most popular. There are many reasons why women look for contouring of their breasts. Usually, these are the undesirable changes in the breast contours brought on by aging, multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding, or significant weight fluctuations. When you are struggling with breasts that are too small, that is deflated and lost their volume and firmness, asymmetrical breasts, or sagging skin, you may consider an augmentation procedure. We will help you boost your confidence with increased volume and achieve the desired breast contours. Dr. Lee is committed to helping his patients achieve the desired symmetry and proportion in their breasts with attractive and youthful contours.

If you are also looking to augment your breasts, there are many choices we will help you make which will include determining the size of your breast implants, the kind of implants (such as round or teardrop), and their placement. When you also have significant sagging in your breasts, Dr. Lee will recommend a combination procedure including a breast lift with the augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a highly customizable surgical procedure, and this allows Dr. Lee to use his unique surgical and artistic skills to give you just the results you desire. Several incision techniques and patterns can be chosen to give you optimal results. Dr. Lee ensures all your incisions are placed inconspicuously within the natural creases of your breasts so that you do not have visible scars and look stunning both with and without clothes. You can get the youthful and perky breast contours you always wished for and boost your confidence at Aspire Plastic Surgery.

About Aboite, IN

Aboite is an unincorporated community in Lafayette Township of Allen County in Indiana. It was originally settled as a train stop at the intersection of the Toledo, Wabash & Western Railway with Aboite Road. The name of the community is derived from the French word for “minnow.”

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