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We’ve got what’s hot! In its January issue, Delta Sky Magazine listed “hot cosmetic procedures” for 2014. And Aspire is right on trend with the three procedures below. No need to fly far for the latest and greatest beauty treatments—Aspire is your one-stop shop!

1. Minimally Invasive Facelifts

While a true surgical facelift is the gold standard, non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments can deliver increasingly significant results. At Aspire, we can start with a SkinMedica peel or a Medical Grade Microneedling and follow with a Viora Reaction treatment, which uses radio frequency tissue heating and vacuum technology for skin tightening. We can also use Botox to stop lines from forming and fillers to plump existing wrinkles. To smooth lines and remove fat, we turn to the minimally invasive ThermiRF, which delivers radio frequency just under the skin to melt fat cells or stimulate collagen production.

2. Hand Rejuvenation

Unless you give them as much TLC as your face, the backs of your hands can, well, tip your hand. But YAG laser treatments can improve skin tone and help eliminate textural irregularities by stimulating collagen production. Intense pulsed light (IPL) can zap melatonin deposits, also known as age spots or liver spots, and can fade scars and freckles. We also can inject fillers such as Juvederm to restore fullness over prominent veins.

3. Better Teeth Whitening

With teeth whitening systems using trays, you often have to endure more sensitivity for greater results. Liquid Smile® has a powerful dose of hydrogen peroxide (12 percent), but it’s a paint-on whitener. The hydrogen peroxide is active for just 15 minutes, vs. an hour or more with trays. And you paint the gel only on your teeth, so you avoid gum sensitivity. By applying it at bedtime, you avoid hot and cold foods and beverages that can aggravate newly treated teeth. The hydrogen peroxide formula is 4x faster than carbamide whiteners. And you can continue to treat individual teeth that are slower to respond, thanks to the paint-on process.

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