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Facelift/Neck Lift

In the first 4 years as Aspire we have performed 96 face/neck lifts and an additional 45 forehead lifts.

Facial aging varies in individuals and the type and extent of facial lifting is individually tailored to meet the desired goals. Mini facelifts and some brow lifts can be performed under local anesthetic in the office while the more extensive procedures are done at the Southwest Surgical Suites. The scars are hidden in natural lines and creases and fade well. My goal is a soft and natural look, not the often times seen Hollywood over-pulled appearance. The look I aim to attain is similar as if you lie on your back and look in the mirror. Most people are able to return to work or social activities within 10 days.

Please review before and after photos and contact our office to learn more about Facelifts/Neck Lifts.

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