Tattoo Removal in Fort Wayne

Laser tattoo removal can help erase the image.

We all have regrets. We regret not flossing more. We regret that third slice of pizza. We regret wearing those shoes. And many, many people regret tattoos.

Your tattoo may serve as a reminder of a relationship long since over. It may reflect your youthful, less sophisticated tastes. You may need to remove a tattoo for a job, or you may hate the results of that tattoo that you just got yesterday.  In Fort Wayne, Indiana, we can help you with laser tattoo removal with new innovative technology and device enlighten™ by Cutera.

Outcomes depend on the type of tattoo you have; the length of time you have had the tattoo; the tattoo’s size and color; the part of the body on which you have the tattoo; and other factors. But in general, laser tattoo removal with enlighten™ can help minimize or erase the image that no longer fits your image. Many patients in the Fort Wayne area experience great results with cosmetic treatment.



If you’re considering tattoo removal, scheduling a consultation at our Fort Wayne office will be your first step. Upon arrival, you will meet with Dr. Lee and he will examine your skin and talk about your goals for the procedure. Dr. Lee will ask how, when, and where you received your tattoo to best determine how to treat it. Additionally, he can estimate how many sessions it might take to fade your tattoo.

Be prepared to share your medical history, including previous surgeries, medical conditions, drug allergies and current medications. Tell Dr. Lee if you have had previous tattoos removed, and if you are prone to excess scarring. For patients in the Angola, Warsaw, and Huntington areas, you can be assured that Dr. Lee will help you along your way to tattoo-free skin.

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