Tattoo Removal—Rethinking that Ink

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If you’re reading this as you consider getting a tattoo, please take this advice, borne of painful experience: Try the design in Sharpie first. Wear it for a while (we mean days or weeks) and see how it looks. Consider how it will look in ten years. Always go smaller and more discreet than you first envision.

Really consider that tattoo carefully. If there’s any hesitation, just say no.

But if you’re reading this because you have tattoo regret, we can help. Removing a tattoo isn’t quite as simple as erasing a blackboard. But it has improved over the years. Things you should know:

Different ink colors will require different lasers. If you can, find out what kind of ink your tattoo artist used. (Do you remember your tattoo artist?) What looks like black might be a blend of colors.

The lasers sting. No doubt about it. But we can help you manage the pain with topical anesthetics and oral over-the-counter painkillers.

You’ll need several treatments. We won’t be able to say how many until we look at your tattoo and we see how it responds to the first treatment. Everyone’s skin is a little different, and everyone heals a little differently.

Your treatments will need to be spaced out—probably about a month apart—to allow your skin to heal each time.

The treated area will be tender as it heals each time. You’ll need to keep it bandaged in the first few days after a treatment. Keep this in mind as you schedule sessions.

The results may not be perfect. You may have some scarring at first, or you may have some loss of pigmentation in the treated area. But we have amazing scar cream from SkinMedica to help the healing process. And while time can leave its evidence on our face, it can also work wonders to heal other parts of our body. It may take months or even years, but your results will improve.

Removing a tattoo is an exercise in patience. But the removal process is certainly shorter than the alternative—ink for life. For more information, read our page on tattoo removal. Then call or write to schedule a consultation.

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