SkinMedica Retinols Avoid Skin Irritation

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Retinols are famous for their ability to renew skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines—they are the gold standard of topical skin care. But some people worry that retinols will irritate their skin. SkinMedica has addressed this with their Retinol Complex series. The first cream is a lower potency (0.25 percent); the second is a little more potent (0.5 percent); and the third cream is higher still (1.0 percent) and thus the most effective. If you’ve never used a retinol product before, you’ll start by using the first Retinol Complex just two times a week, until you can tolerate daily use. You can then move up to the more potent Retinol Complex creams so that you can enjoy maximum results: enhanced skin tone, texture and resiliency, and diminished fine lines and coarse wrinkles. Come talk to our skin care specialists to learn more about how you can reverse the signs of aging while you sleep!

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