Chemical Peels–Part II of an Aspire Series

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There’s a lot that goes into determining what type of chemical peel you receive at Aspire. In addition to Glogau’s Photo Aging Classification System, our Skin Care Specialists also consider your Fitzpatrick Skin Type, a scale of your skin’s base color and sensitivity to the sun.

Fitzpatrick Type I: White to pale, always burns, never tans

Fitzpatrick Type II: White to pale, usually burns, tans with difficulty

Fitzpatrick Type III: White to pale, experiences mild burns, average tanning ability

Fitzpatrick Type IV: Moderately brown, rarely burns, tans with ease

Fitzpatrick Type V: Dark brown, very rarely burns, tans very easily

Fitzpatrick Type VI: Black, does not burn, tans very easily

Fitzpatrick Skin Types I, II and III are good candidates for medium to deep peels because there’s less risk of pigment changes.

Fitzpatrick Skin Types IV, V and VI are better suited for light peels such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid because they are less likely to cause pigment changes.

Pigment changes after a peel are a risk that our estheticians manage carefully—another reason to be sure you see a trained professional working under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon!

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